The holidays are back - and so is Preteen and Teen Yoga!

Space still available for this Friday's chance for your preteen or teen - and his/her friends! - to log out, unplug and recharge their own batteries while we celebrate the holiday season.

This class is a perfect compliment to the busy academic, extracurricular and social schedules our kids are facing today. 

Plus, yoga helps young adults build confidence, self-awareness and strengthen their focus – all in a safe and non-competitive space. 

Your preteen or teen will be guided through a fun asana practice and learn mindfulness techniques they can use in and outside of the studio. 

This class is suitable for youth ages 11-16. The heat will be down, but the room will still be warm. Bring a yoga mat (if possible – limited supply available at the studio) and a bottle of water. 

An hour without any electronics costs just $12 per student. Sibling discount available. 

Holiday gift for each young adult presented at the end of class. 

Registration is not required, but encouraged. Reserve a spot online or call the studio at 425-610-4421.

Happy Holidays!