6:00am - Alarm goes off. I was told once that I should love teaching yoga so much that I should bound out of bed at 4 in the morning excited to teach. I love what I do, but I have never once “bounded” out of bed, and I’m not about to start now so I hit snooze.

6:15am - Joe (my sweet and very patient husband) tells me the coffee is ready so I grudgingly rise, wrap up in a blanket and grab the first of what I’m sure will be many cups of coffee today. 

6:30am - Take shower number one. I vaguely remember a life where I took one shower a day, or sometimes no showers at all.

7:15am - Practice my yoga breathing on the way to teach as I watch 15 people clearly not carpooling pass me in the carpool only on-ramp. Deep breath in through your nose, back out through your nose

7:30am - Student buys leggings and points out to me the cute embroidered peppers on the leg. I must have them. I decide to hold off until Friday since Lululemon is coming to visit and I don’t want to blow my budget prematurely.

8:00am - Teach Hatha, I’m quite tired but I manage to pull it together (or so I think) I love all the regulars in this class, and this happens to be sort of a sleepy morning for everyone so we’re synced up nicely.  Big plus, everyone laughs at my joke about nude Happy Baby pose. I make a mental note to take a song off my playlist before people start falling asleep in side angle pose.

9:30am - Teach Power-Yin, I feel so energized by a big class! I love the two new songs I added to my playlist, and its one of those days where the timing of my songs is just working perfectly with my flow. A student brought their 4-5 year old daughter to class and she is the cutest. She seems to be following along well enough, except every time I walk past her mat she appears to be laying face down on her towel like a starfish. I’m digging it though, it looks comfy and I think she might be a yoga genius.

11:00am - I take shower number two. Pick up copies of our new student waiver from Post-Net, and grab food from Fred Meyer because I forgot to bring anything with me and I’ll be gone all day.

12:00pm - Massage time! She rubs my calf for an hour because I hurt it doing something glamorous and exciting. Or I was digging up weeds. You decide. She reminds me to take my Magnesium.

1:30pm - Back to Spark for some emailing, student account maintenance, and a phone call with Janette where we make jokes about private lessons, and privates -  lol we are five.

3:30pm - Grocery shopping! I buy all sorts of healthy yoga foods because I only eat kale and quinoa. Kidding. I buy wine.

4:30pm - I get home and realize that despite owning 16 thousand pairs of leggings I have almost none left that are clean. I dump my weekly trunk load (yes that’s where I keep them, in the trunk of my car) of dirty yoga clothes and towels on the kitchen floor (I can hear you judging me, and I don’t blame you) to sort and start laundry.

5:00pm - Time to make dinner. I whip up a big batch of veggie-bean chili with some organic, grass fed beef. Then I make some macaroni and cheese – with extra cheese. 

6:00pm - Eat dinner, drink wine, and chat with Joe about his day. I also make him read the first part of this post that I’ve typed up and he laughs out loud so I consider it a win and decide to keep going.

7:00pm - I work on my bio for the new Spark website, who am I? Why is this always so hard? I consider writing it in Haiku form. Timory Malone. Works at Spark. Tells really bad jokes. I remember to change out that song on my Hatha playlist.

7:30pm - Take shower number 3 to get rid of the chili smell before it becomes permanent. Being the talented mixologist that I am I make my favorite yoga teacher cocktail of electrolyte replenisher, and vitamin C. I load up the Netflix, and call it a night. I remember that I’ve only just begun the marathon that will be finishing my laundry this week, but decide to practice some self love and plant my butt on the couch to rest. I’m sure teaching in jeans wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world…

- Written by guest blogger Timory Malone