Giving back to our community is not only an honor, but also our responsibility. It’s a responsibility we take to heart.

Each month, we host a community class benefiting a non-profit organization. These classes are taught by one of our qualified instructors or a guest instructor. Students are encouraged to donate any amount to attend the class, with all donations going directly to the highlighted organization. Every little bit helps.

It is our hope that these classes not only raise funds, but raise awareness too.

Recently, we hosted one of these classes with the help of our friends at Lululemon Alderwood benefiting Veterans Yoga Project.

This organization provides yoga classes and resources for veterans in our community. We encourage you to learn more about Veterans Yoga Project (or consider making an online donation here).

Our October community class was guided by Monica Thorne, a Spark Hot Yoga instructor and active Veterans Yoga Project member. At the end of her Power/Yin class, we raised $1214. And get this: Lululemon Alderwood matched that donation!

If you have a non-profit who might be a good fit for one of our community classes, we’d love to hear from you. Send us an email at

Together, we can make a difference.