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A series of postures and breathing exercises designed to help build your strength, elongate muscles, burn fat, tone internal organs and increase your balance. If you are new to hot yoga, hatha is a great way to get started.

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Sculpt is a total body workout designed to tone every major muscle group. Light free weights are used in this intense, but easy to follow style. Yoga sculpt complements your regular yoga practice while pushing your strength and flexibility to new heights.

Yeah, it's hot. But it's not crazy hot.

Don't let the heat intimidate you. It's only there to help you and your practice.
The heat allows you to safely take your practice to the next level by increasing your flexibility and strength all the while releasing toxins and stress.



This style of yoga consists of a series of postures that flow together in continuous movement. The dynamic pulse of a power class increases cardiovascular health, burns fat and builds long, lean muscle. Each instructor brings his or her own personality to this style of yoga. No two classes – or music playlists – will be the same, which guarantees a different experience each time you practice.


It’s Friday! You worked hard all week, now it’s time to party. This upbeat, fun class is similar to our power classes but with time built into explore basic arm balances or inversions. The music is pumping and the energy is high as we come together to celebrate the start of the weekend.


This is a slow, deep yet gentle practice. Yin yoga is done primarily on the floor. Poses are held for longer periods of time, allowing gravity to open and stretch joints and muscles. This type of yoga heals and prevents injuries with a strong focus on hips, lower spine, ligaments and bones.

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